About us | Builders in Newcastle

DP Construction NE Ltd are one of the Northeast’s most reputable and longest established providers of construction services to both residential and commercial clients.

As well as working on full construction projects in some of the most desired residential areas of the Northeast, we offer a full range of design services for renovation and refitting.

All our projects come with complete peace of mind through our professional accreditations and certification which include:

DP Construction Accreditations

Established in 1989, we employ a team of local fully qualified personnel, each experts in their own specific trade, nearly all of whom have served with DP for many years. Staff that work on your property will almost always be full time employees of DP Construction.  Using full time employees on projects in one of the many differences between ourselves and other builders in Newcastle Upon Tyne.

We rarely find the need to engage specialist sub contract skills, but on rare occasions we may need to do so. In these cases, it will be through companies and contacts we have used for many years and understand the high standards DP Construction clients expect.

Dean Hoyland and his team have worked hard to create a culture not often associated with the building trade. Evidence of this can be found in the testimonials section of this website where you’ll find first hand credits from real customers about the efforts made to surpass customer expectation.

We encourage you to contact us and discuss your building requirements to experience our approach for yourself.