Gallery: Box room transformation

Creating an ultra-modern glass walled office from a box room

White leather chairs and office equipment in place. Original room Removal of old window Installation of square bay window The new bay adds a feeling of substantial extra space New bay window close-up Window opens fully with false panels for added aesthetic effect A full height glass wall is installed with door on a slow-close mechanism Full working area is bespoke built inside the new office A backboard panel provides space for lighting behind and a TV surround Close-up of gap between backboard panel and original wall. TV surround and backboard showing LED lighting units in place Controllers for LED lighting through brushed aluminium cable outlet in desk Power sockets are integrated into backboard panel under desk Bespoke panels are added to backboard for design and aesthetic appeal Bespoke arrangement of art panels added to opposing wall for design. Distressed effect Karndean flooring to provide long life and soften noise. Furnishing added in white leather to draw the design together. Stunning finished desk area with storage. Ample working space and light flows through bay and glass wall into hallway. Glass door finished with high quality chrome squared handle. White leather chairs add contrast to the working area and floor.